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Erwähnung der Bionic Microfuel Mikrowellen Depolymerisation im aktuellen 5-Jahres Plan der Volksrepublik China:

One of our partner wrote: "About Microfuel, the information was published by Ministry of industry and information of Chinese Center Government.

The document is called "The 12th of Five Year Plan: Development of environmental protection equipment".

You can still find it on the internet. However, it is only in Chinese. Chinese Center Government has a serial "Five Year Plan". Now, it is 12th of it. This document listed all kinds of equipments the government wants to manufacture by some companies during the next five years. So you can say it is a guid line which direction the government wants the industries go. Within the document, 27th item is about "Microfuel". Even though it did not really use word "Microfuel", the description  is pretty clear.

The required key technology:

It using high intensity microwave radiation heating, make full use of the microwave "thermal effect" and "non thermal effect" for waste pyrolysis process of catalytic and facilitating role, to achieve uniform heating, easy control, high cracking efficiency, low energy consumption purposes. Pretreated by microwave pyrolysis of waste, in reducing atmosphere, the products of gas, liquid, solid, and were to be used, the final products, chemical raw gas as fuel gas, fuel oil, activated carbon, calcium silicate boards and other products.

Is it Microfuel? Yes, it is."  - Recent 5 Years Plan of the Chinese goverment. Take a Look at item 27

copy of the governmental text:

"关键技术:研发采用高强度微波辐射加热,充分利用微波的热效应热效应对于垃圾的热裂解过程的催化和促进作用,达到加热均匀、易于控制、裂解效率高,能耗低的目的。经预处理后的垃圾,通过在还原气氛下的微波裂解,其产物为气、液、固三相,并分别加以利用,其最终产品为燃料气、化工气体原料、燃料油、活性炭、硅钙板等产品。                  术指标:最高温度≤700;微波泄漏≤2MW/cm2;冷却水:每路进水≥10L/min ;安装境温度:550环境相对湿度:5%85%;地面承重≥1×103kg/m2 ;微波加热效率:55%75% 单台设备处理量:50t/d500t/d(原始垃圾)。"

Schlüsseltechnologien: Forschung und Entwicklung von hoher Intensität der Mikrowellenstrahlung Heizung, vollen Gebrauch von der Mikrowelle, "pyrogene Wirkung" und "nicht-thermische Effekt" für die katalytische und die Erleichterung Rolle Müll thermischen Krackverfahren, um eine gleichmäßige Erwärmung zu erreichen, einfach zu steuern, hohe Lyse Effizienz, niedriger Energieverbrauch Zwecke. Vorbehandelter Abfälle, durch reduzierende Atmosphäre Mikrowelle Pyrolyse, seine Produkt für Gas, Flüssigkeit und Feststoff, und nutzen jede, das Endprodukt als Brennstoff Gas, chemische Rohstoffe Gas, Heizöl, Aktivkohle, Calciumsilikat Platten und andere Produkte. Technische Indikatoren: Höchsttemperatur 700 , Mikrowelle Leckagewert 2MW (sollte wohl mW nicht MW=Megawatt heißen) / cm 2; Kühlwasser: Jeder Wasser 10L / min; Montage Umgebungstemperatur : 5 ~ 50 , relative Luftfeuchtigkeit: 5% ~ 85%; Boden Lager 1 × 103kg / m2; Mikrowellenheizung Wirkungsgrad: 55% ~ 75%; einzigen Gerät Belastbarkeit: 50t / d ~ 500t / d (roh Müll).

Key technologies: research and development of high intensity microwave radiation heating, full use of the microwave, "pyrogenic effect" and "non-thermal effect" for catalytic and facilitating role garbage thermal cracking process, to achieve uniform heating, easy to control, high lysis efficiency, low energy consumption purposes. Pretreated waste, by reducing atmosphere microwave pyrolysis, its product for gas, liquid and solid, and make use of each, the final product as fuel gas, chemical raw gas, fuel oil, activated carbon, calcium silicate boards and other products. Technical indicators: maximum temperature ≤700 ℃; microwave leakage value ≤2MW (lol!! mW not MegaWatt) / cm2; cooling water: Each water ≥10L / min; installation Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; Relative humidity: 5% ~ 85%; ground bearing ≥1 × 103kg / m2; microwave heating efficiency: 55% ~ 75%; single device handling capacity: 50t / d ~ 500t / d (raw garbage).

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